Myth Busters: Week 2

Eating fat makes you fat.

How many of you have heard this claim in popular advertisements, magazines and fad diet plans?

It is very important to our overall function of our bodies that we take in a healthy balance of fat, carbohydrate and protein. Every single one of these macronutrients are essential to each individual. The balances of each of the macronutrients can depend based on the diet or lifestyle that is acquired; these are not set values, as each breakdown will vary by individual.




Theresa Kinsella, MS, RD, CDN, did some research and explanation of the macronutrient food groups: “Fat, protein and carbohydrates are all essential,” Kinsella stresses. “There is no universal percentage of each that is right for everyone. Eating past full on a regular basis, non-hunger eating, emotional eating, skipping meals and overeating later in the day — those are the behavior patterns that lead to weight gain. The body has an innate ability to regulate and maintain a healthy, genetically determined weight if we listen to it.”

How very true!! Our bodies are brilliant machines – they give us an incredible amount of feedback. The trick is to slow down and listen long enough to make positive changes.

The myth that eating fat makes you fat often turns into a scare tactic and causes people to choose “low fat” foods, which are often laden with sugar and chemical additives – or too many unhealthy carbohydrates. Anything that is labelled as “low” has replaced that item with a substitution that is likely not as healthy as the original form.

“The brain is 60% fat and we need fat in order to absorb fat-soluble vitamins” says Kinsella. Many populations that have diets that are high in fat experience lower incidence of heart disease and similar illnesses than the rest of the world.

We need to be cautious of the types of fat that we incorporate into our diet. To make this interactive, let’s share some of our favourite fats that we include in our lifestyles!

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