5 Reasons All Women Should Lift Weights

Strength training has been male dominated for many years. I am extremely proud to say that I work in a gym run by females! Unfortunately, even though we understand the value of making women stronger, many of our members don’t yet understand all of the benefits they’re losing out on when they don’t want to lift heavy weights.

Want that “toned” look? Then you need to grow those muscles! How do you grow muscles? You lifts weights! Don’t want to look “too bulky”? Don’t take steroids!

It’s literally as simple as that. I have a lot of women in the gym ask if lifting weights will make them look like the muscular women of the Ms. Olympia contests. I would urge you to go find a physique competitor and ask them how much work they had to put in to look like that? It was a lot of very specific training and usually upwards of 6 sessions per week to get those results. Believe me, if that is not your end goal, you will not get there. The girls that compete in the sport of body building only wish it was that easy to accidentally get to what you consider to be “too bulky”.

Want to burn more calories? Put on a little bit of muscle! How do you grow muscle? You lift weights! Want to justify that extra serving of dessert? Grow those muscles!

As simple as biology, your body tissues need calories to live. The more body tissue (in this case muscle) that you have, the more calories your body needs to survive. Want to maintain your weight? Put on some muscle and you actually get to eat more calories without the weight gain! Want to lose some weight? Put on that muscle and keep eating the number of calories you were already eating to maintain your weight. Your body will now need to find more energy to run and with sufficient protein consumption it will start to use your body fat stores, meaning you lose fat.

Want to have a well rounded fitness routine but not sure where to start? Make sure you are including many types of training into your regimen! Not sure what you need to do? Lift weights in as many ways as you can!

Everybody has their preferences in the gym. I’m a big fan of lifting barbells (if you hadn’t already guessed). Others prefer to run for hours and never touch a weight. Some people love long slow workouts, some people love short and intense ones. None of these people are more right than any of the others. The best fitness routine includes bits of all of these concepts. You can combine some of these workout styles if you like but you do need to hit them all to have a well rounded and healthy training program. Avoiding any one of these types of training can leave you seriously lacking in a part of your fitness and you will see the difference in your overall health and wellness.


Muscles aren’t the only parts of the body that benefit from weight training.


Want to help avoid osteoporosis as you age (we all know how common this is for women)? Load your body with heavy weights on a regular basis! Don’t have a farm to haul loads around all day? Lift weights!

Another simple biological adaptation. Your body is constantly working to find the most efficient way to keep you alive. When you begin to spend more and more of your time not moving and not carrying loads (moving furniture, carrying babies, carrying groceries, etc.) your bones don’t think they need to be as dense because they see it as a waste of your energy to keep supplying the extra nutrients if they’re not going to be used.  This loss of bone density from our environment added to the natural hormonal changes that women going through during menopause is a dangerous combination that can lead to susceptibility to serious injuries as we age. We may not be able to prevent the hormonal changes but we sure can effect our environment! Lifting weights on a regular basis can help to keep our bones nice and strong.

Want to boost your self esteem and confidence by doing something you’ve never done before or thought you could never do? Join a group of people that love to lift and support each other! Not sure where to find that? Barbell Club at Studio 410!!

We have people of all ages, sizes, genders, and backgrounds come through Barbell Club. Some people come to Barbell Club to learn the basics of how to start lifting on their own. Some people come to train to compete and get as strong as they can. Some people are training for a specific sport. Some people just come in every once in a while to get some new ideas for their own training or programming. There is a spot for everybody at every level at Barbell Club but I can guarantee with a little work and a little commitment you will be able to accomplish something you never thought you could! Whether it’s competing in a powerlifting meet or learning how to properly lift a barbell, you’ll learn something new and hopefully learn to love your body for what it can really do!

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