Stop Waiting

Paige and I saw a bird walking across the road today. As we approached it in our car, it started running. We squealed in fear of hitting the little bird. It did make it to safety, but as we continued down the road, we both said… “but it can FLY”.

It seems as though we, as humans, get caught up in this cycle as well. We walk when we have the opportunity to fly.

We walk, thinking that we will be safer, thinking we will have more energy. As a result, we do not take as many risks, and fit in with the status quo.

But when we fly. Oh, when we fly! It’s a bigger push to take off, but it allows us to soar above the dangers of walking.

It would have taken the little bird one hefty push to take off into the air. But that one push filled with effort would have saved it about 100 clumsy little stutter steps, and a near death experience.

Don’t be like the bird. Complete the exercise below and treat it as your one big hefty push. Do that thing you don’t want to do. It will save you a bunch of clumsy steps and propel you further, faster.

I want you to think about the exercise from last week – what areas of your life do you want to change? Now think about that area and the people in your life that it involves. Are you victim to thinking that someone else needs to change in order for you to do what it is you want to accomplish?

Some examples: 

You want to train to run a 5km, but until your family can stop asking so much of you, it just isn’t going to happen. 

You keep trying to sign up to take a painting course, but your boss always piles work on at the end of the day, and you never get away on time. 

You want to change your diet, but your husband keeps purchasing unhealthy choices at the grocery store. 

See the theme? A positive life change is seemingly thwarted by your family, your boss, or your partner. 

Let’s explore;

Who is it? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


How long have you been waiting?



How long have you been waiting to be happy?



How long have you been waiting for the right job, the right diet or the right circumstance to simply show up? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Aren’t you tired of waiting? Become powerful: Pick one small thing you can commit to doing and reverse the direction this is all headed – DO IT.




Within five seconds the impulse to act will start to disappear.


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