What You Do Is Where You Are

Earlier this year we looked at the importance and power of vision boards. Now, thinking about the items on our vision boards is one thing. But what are the daily decisions that are powering our current situation? 

What you do is where you are. Can you not say goodbye to the potato chips at 11pm? Do you tend to complete projects via “short cut” methods? Do you continue to make decisions out of fear of being uncomfortable or fear of the unknown?

At Small Group Training, we start off our sessions with corrective exercises. The training principles behind the functional movement system are that we are training patterns, not muscles. We are training a part, not the whole. It is important to note the efficiencies and deficiencies in our corrective exercises so that with proper focus, breathing and activation we can make improvements to our overall movements. By focusing on the details of one corrective exercise, we are able to make improvements in many of our major movements that we incorporate into the programming. One small detailed practice of an exercise can lead to major changes in overall functional movement. 

Your life is a blown up version of your correctives at SGT. What you practice will lead you to your result – good or bad. Every time you do something, you create a pattern. Be it your body, your brain, or both, it creates a pathway in your body. It is vital that we practice perfection. Practice makes PERMANENT.

If you practice gratitude, practice love and peace and acceptance, that is what you will be. If you practice going to bed at a certain time, eating certain foods, exercising at regular times, you will reap the rewards. What you practice on a daily basis will be reflected in the way you care for yourself, the way you treat people, and the way you look and feel.

Where are Your Decisions Leading You?

If you continue to make the same choices you make right now, what does your life look like in 2020? Do you have the body you want? Do you have the job you desire? Are you as peaceful, as grateful and as loving as you would like? Do you have the family life you want? Describe a typical day in this future life in as much detail as possible. Then ask yourself, is what I do on a daily basis going to lead me to that life? 



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