Small Group Training Features

Small Group Training

All of these features of the SGT program are available for you to use. They are highly recommended, but are not required. Please advise your coach of what you would like to partake in so that we can ensure we are assisting you in meeting your goals as efficiently as possible;

Weekly Weigh Ins and Measurements

Why: While we don’t want to focus on weight for our Small Group Training program, we understand that for many of you, that is a component of your wellness goals. Whether it is your main focus, or just a positive benefit of the training, we find it worthwhile to use weigh ins and measurements as a measuring stick so that we can track your progress.

We also find measurements and weigh ins as a positive educational tool. When you begin to see patterns on a week to week basis, you begin drawing helpful connections between your fluctuations in weight and your food intake. This can serve as a very useful tool in knowing what your body agrees with and what it doesn’t.

To get rid of all of the confusion surrounding weight loss, it comes down to a basic deficit in calories. Calories out must be greater than calories in. The reason we coach off of Paleo, is because if you are eating food in its truest form (meat, seafood, veggies, fruit) you will feel satisfied and full long before you ever have eaten too many calories. The trick is – it must be in a pure form!. You will find when doing weigh ins and measurements that your body reflects this very accurately – when you have a “cheat day” your weight and measurements will slightly increase. When you are eating clean and have made it to all of your workouts, it does pay off on the scale or in inches.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, as hard as you work at SGT sessions, you will never be able to out eat a bad diet. To lose 1lb, you need a deficit of 500 calories per day for an entire week. Even though we can’t count on our cardio machines to give us accurate caloric loss numbers, it can give us an idea. You have to run at a pretty decent tempo on the treadmill for 40 minutes to lose 500 calories. You need to do that everyday, and resist eating more that day as a result of your exercise. If you eat more on days that you work out because of the calories you know you have burned, you will never be able to drop in weight.

Truly, we don’t want you to be counting calories and obsessing over losing weight. The purpose isn’t to encourage disordered behaviour, but rather to make you more aware of how your intake affects your body – and so that you can then make more informed decisions during the week or the weekend.

Accountability to your Goals:

Our FMS assessments every three months, feedback reports, nutritional counselling and new goal sheets allow us to track your progress in terms of your performance. It is so very important when you are trying to reach your goals to have someone to report back to. You can choose to have as much or as little support as possible. If you need some help with your food intake, definitely make use of the food log support! This gives you an opportunity to get direct and personalized feedback on your weekly intake of food. Food log submission along with regular exercise has proven time and time again to be the gold standard to successfully reaching your goals – and sustaining them long term!

We have new goal setting sheets that are being distributed this week as part of the SGT program. Please fill these out and submit them by June 1st (during your Friday workout), so that we can assess your goals and ensure that we are able to provide you with the tools you need to make them a success.

Corrective Exercise Prescription:

Our FMS corrective exercise prescription is meant to help you relearn movement patterns that will allow you to move more efficiently and effectively. They are meant to be conducted as you would practice any skill – slowly and with intent. They should not be rushed through, and it is important that you understand what muscles you should feel firing and which ones you should feel releasing. Because we are re-learning patterns, it does take some time. However, with an intense mental focus, the progress of correctives can be much faster. If you aren’t feeling any improvement with one of your correctives, don’t hesitate to talk to your coach! They are happy to re-assess your corrective prescription to make sure that you see the most progress possible.

There are some correctives that you will never graduate from. For myself, I will always have to work on my T-spine rotation exercises. That is my weak spot, and no matter how hard I work at it, when the conditions aren’t ideal, my T-spine is going to be the area that is most affected. Don’t be discouraged by this! It is actually great encouragement that we know what our greatest weakness is so that we can continue working towards strengthening it.

Movement Alternatives:

Similar to personal training, SGT seeks to adapt movements to each individual. Individual movement substitutions are prescribed based off of FMS scores. However, we are hoping to also integrate personal goals and preferences. As a personal training client, you have a coach that works one-on-one and is conscientious of your needs. At SGT we want you to have a similar experience…even though you don’t have a one-on-one coach, you should feel like your program suits you well. If you have injuries, or preferences that interfere with your enjoyment of the program, definitely talk to your coach about having your program adjusted to meet your individual needs. Want to run a 5km? Want to be able to keep a faster pace? Have some joint pain with certain exercises? Let us know, and we can make the appropriate adjustments so that you leave feeling better after each session.

Access to all Studio 410 Group Fitness classes:

A one hour SGT class can only cover so much. We feel that the SGT is quite balanced with the focus on correctives, strength training, cardiovascular endurance and intervals in addition to HIIT workouts that challenge various muscles groups. However, the biggest thing that is lacking is flexibility and relaxation. We highly recommend our SGT participants to seek to find balance in their routine and consider adding another class to their schedule that challenges them in a different way. Yoga and flexibility classes are an excellent and highly recommended supplement to the SGT programmed classes.

Lifestyle Coaching:

Our lifestyle coaching is offered online on our Facebook group. While this programming focuses mostly on goal setting and lifestyle development, group conversation is always encouraged. If there are nutrition questions, corrective exercise questions or general health and wellness questions, please don’t hesitate to post them to the group, or personally message us. We want to help assist you through this life change and can help best if we have all of the information!

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